Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

List of Burbage Servicemen

The starting point for the following list was the Parish Magazine.  The names of volunteers was transcribed from the November 1914 issue and added to as details were published in subsequent issues.  Names will be added to the Roll of Honour as they become known and until the end of the War.


Names have been cross referenced against the First World War medal rolls which have provided additional detail including regimental numbers.


Soldiers moved between battalions and regiments and regimental numbers changed.  The table below shows the allegiances noted in the Parish Magazine, corrected* where appropriate.





Pte Allford Frederick Charles

6 (Service) Battalion Wiltshire Regiment

Devonshire Regiment



Pte Bailey Everett John 6th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment
21024 Pte Bailey Henry Charles  5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
201652 Pte Banning Conward John 2/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment



Pte Belben Edward Cecil

Army Service Corps

Kings Royal Rifle Corps

75020 Gnr Belben Ernest Victor Royal Field Artillery
SS/242 Pte  Belben Edward Cecil Army Service Corps
46318 Pte Belben Reginald Percy Wiltshire Regiment
8471 Pte Bradshaw Frederick 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Breakspear Fred  
    Broadway Henry Wiltshire Regiment
A-257251 Pte Broome Herbert Army Service Corps
    Burden H 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Burden J C Army Service Corps
    Burden R  
    Burroughs C  
    Burroughs William  
7027 Pte Bushnell Arthur 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment



Pte Bushnell Albert George 

3rd & later 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment

Machine Gun Corps

M2/105734 Pte  Bushnell Charles Edward Army Service Corps
  Gnr Carver A E  
    Chandler W H Army Ordnance Corps
G.24723 Pte Church Charles Frederick Green Royal Fusiliers
  Lt Clark James Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve,  HMS Nepaulin
T1/3735 Dvr Cogbill Harry Army Service Corps
6201 AM1 Cox Francis Sidney Hume Royal Flying Corps
    Cox Oliver Royal Fusiliers (City of London)
M2/221843 Pte Crosby Charles James Army Service Corps
725999 Gnr Crosby William George Royal Field Artillery
19499 Pte Davis William Thomas Wheeeler 7th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
15250 Pte Farley Herbert  7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
26382 Pte Flippence Frederick 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
18653 Pte Flippence William George 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
19400 Pte Fribbence Frederick William 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Futcher C  



Pte Gillett Tom

3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment

7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

    Goodman H  
302912 Stoker PO Gore Edward Archibald Royal Navy, HMS Kangaroo
263 Pte Grace Walter James Wiltshire Reserve
18654 Pte Grant Herbert George 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
701 Tpr Green Sidney  Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
  Capt Hallam Martin Royal Army Medical Corps
7601 Sgt Harris Ernest Royal Berkshire Regiment
    Harris Frank  
    Harris George  
    Hawkins C  
8681 Pte Head Albert Edward 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
21078 Pte Henbest Frank  3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Highett F Army Ordnance Corps
8791 Pte Hillier J 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
8591 Pte Hillier Reuben Federick 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
10041 Pte Hillier Walter 5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
1686 Pte Hillier Arnold Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
15361 Pte Hillier John Sidney 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
    Hoare William  
  Pte Hope Joseph George Wiltshire Yeomanry Reserve
33553 Pte Hope Frederick Thomas 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
64933 Gnr Johnson Victor Francis Royal Garrison Artillery
    Jones  W  
9105 LCpl Kelly Francis John 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers
    Kimber Walter 4th Royal Wiltshire Regiment
    Lampard Morley  
9030 Pte Matthews Arthur Reginald 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
  Lt Col Maurice George Thelwall Kindersley Royal Army Medical Corps
  Pte Miles James 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Mist E  
    Moody Charles Army Vetinary Corps
5421 Pte Moon Arthur George 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
4457 Pte  Mundy Francis Samuel Coldstream Guards
    Mundy Frederick Royal Navy
7595 Pte Mundy Frederick Thomas 2nd Wiltshire Regiment
6748 Pte Mundy W Coldstream Guards
PO/1651/S Pte Newman William Royal Marines



Pte Newman Sidney 

7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Labour Corps

201949 Pte Norris Norman Henry Kings Royal Rifle Corps
M2/046470 Pte Noyes Fred  Army Service Corps



Pte Noyes William James (Jas)

1/7th Hampshire Regiment

2/8th Worcestershire Regiment

    Noyes Sidney  
    Nutley Harold Welsh Fusiliers
9294 Pte Odey Walter  5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
T/255   Popejoy Charles William Army Service Corps
21076 Pte Pye John Herbert 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
  2Lt Sands Arthur Langdale Royal Garrison Artillery
  Lt Sands Hubert Havilland Allport 1st Battalion Warwickshire Regiment
  Lt Sands Leslie Kelham 10th Battalion Lancashire FusilIers
20869 Cpl Scammell Maurice Frederick 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
318 Tpr Scammell Norman Robert Royal Field Artillery
323 Gnr Scammell Philip Edwin Royal Field Artillery



S Smith Scammell Charles  17th Lancers
19273 Pte Shewring William Thomas 7th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
203041 Pte Skittrall William Lewis Royal Berkshire Regiment
    Smith James  
  Pte Smith Frederick Royal Berkshire Regiment
9377 Pte  Spanswick Albert Edward 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment



Pte Spanswick Alfred Edward

Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Labour Corps

21075 Pte Spanswick Daniel Richard 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Spanswick F  
21018 Pte Spanswick Frederick William 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Spanswick H  
344 Pte Spanswick Oscar James Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
9291 Pte Spanswick William Charles Hubert 5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment



Pte Stone Ernest Charles (Chas)

1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment

Machine Gun Corps

9674 Pte Stone Albert 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
19871 Pte Stone Albert Thomas (Bertie) 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
9969 Pte  Stone Herbert T Coldstream Guards
7587 Sgt Teagle William Royal Berkshire Regiment
  Pte Townsend William 4th Royal Berkshire Regiment
    Vallis Alfred Army Service Corps
3/271 Pte Vallis John   1st Wiltshire Reserve
5512 Pte Vallis George 3rd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
7443 Sgt Vardy David George 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
3369 SQMS Vines John Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
    Walker Thomas Charles Royal Field Artillery
  Capt Wasey Cyril WC 1st Batallion Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Watts Sidney Cook 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
18652   Wernham John 7th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
    Wilcox Herbert  
    Williams Charles  2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
  LCpl Willmott F  



Pte Wort Frank 

7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Labour Corps

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