Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

Burbage Servicemen 

The following pages show the names of those serving against the regiments and battalions they joined.  The List of Burbage Servicemen contains the names of everyone who joined up.  These pages are regularly updated and new names added as details were published in the Parish Magazine.  Biographies will be updated as events occur!


The October 1914 edition of the Parish Magazine noted that 33 men from the village had answered the call to arms.


In December 1914 the Marlborough Times listed 33 members of Marlborough Company of the Wiltshire National Reserve who answered the call; some from Burbage.


Many servicemen either volunteered or were directed to 'change capbadge in the interests of the service'.  Biographies include the detail and are generally listed under the battalion or regiment the serviceman first joined.


Click on the postcard images to see biographical details of Burbage servicemen - this is work in progress.

An overview of recruiting and the acts that resulted in conscription can be found on wikipedia on a page titled: Recruitment to the British Army during the First World War. Click on the image (left) to go to it.





On Active Service

Killed in Action or Died of Wounds

Arthur  BUSHNELL 13 October 1914 1 Wilts R
Arthur MOON 24 October 1914 2 Wilts R
James HILLIER 24 October 1914 2 Wilts R
William FLIPPANCE 9 April 1916 5 Wilts R
Leslie  SANDS 23 April 1916 10 Lancs F
Ernest HARRIS 3 August 1916 2 R Berks R
Ben BAILEY 13 January 1917 5 Wilts R
Maurice SCAMMELL 14 January 1917 3 Wilts R
Frederick  SPANSWICK 30 March 1917 5 Wilts R
Walter HILLIER 12 April 1917 5 Wilts R
James CLARK 20 April 1917 RNVR - HMS Nepaulin


NEWMAN 28 April 1917 2 RMLI
Alfred Sidney NEW 20 August 1917 1 Glosters
Cyril Walter Carleton WASEY 28 October 1917 R War R/RFC
William James NOYES 21 March 1918 2/8 Worcs R
Frederick Thomas HOPE 10 April 1918 1 Wilts R
Roland  CHANDLER    
Alfred SPANSWICK    
William DAVIS    

Prisoners of War



Regiment   Location
Pte Frederick BRADSHAW 2 Wilts Taken Prisoner Oct 1914 POW Hameln, Germany
Pte Reuben HILLIER 2 Wilts Taken Prisoner Oct 1914 POW Gottingen & Munster, Germany
Cpl Walter Odey 1/8 Hamps   POW Kedos, Katalia, Turkey
Pte Sidney Cook WATTS 2 Wilts Taken Prisoner Oct 1914 POW Gottingen & Cassel, Germany
Fred SPANSWICK 3 Wilts    
Sidney NOYES      
Edward BELBEN ASC/KRRC Taken Prisoner Apr 18 POW Munster III, Germany
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