Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

High Street Burbage - April 1911

Address Name Surname Relationship Age Status Occupation
1 High St Maria Hope Head 68 Widow Private Means
  High St James Wilson Head 34 Married Stableman, Racing Stables
    Ethel Eliza Wilson Wife 30 Married  
    James Wilfred Wilson Son 9   School
    Ernest Henry Wilson Son 7   School
    Frederick Leslie Wilson Son 6    
    Thomas Wilson Son 3    
    May Louise Wilson Daughter 2    
    Winifred Mary Wilson Daughter 1 mo    
  High St Arthur Rolfe Head 35 Married Bricklayers Labourer
    Beatrice Mary Rolfe Wife 32 Married  
    Everett James Rolfe Son 11   School
    Cecil ? Rolfe Son 3    
  High St James Vallis Head 68 Married  
    Elizabeth Ann Vallis Wife 65 Married  
    Thomas Vallis Son 32 Single  
    George Vallis Son 28 Single  
    Caroline Vallis Daughter 23 Single  
    Alfred Vallis Son 19 Single  
  High St Henry Moore Head 44 Married Police Constable
    Mary Elizabeth Moore Wife 41 Married  
    Frederick Lionel Moore Son 13   School
    Charles ? Moore Son 12   School
    Phillip John Moore Son 11   School
    Marion Louise Moore Daughter 7   School
    Evelyn Edith Moore Daughter 4    
54 High St William Charles Popejoy Head 46 Married Carpenter & Wheelright
    Ellen Popejoy Wife 46 Married  
    Charles William Popejoy Son 15   Apprentice to carpenter
    Mildred Jane Popejoy Daughter 12   School
56 High St Lesley Gale Head 22 Married Carpenter
    Bessie Gale Wife 23 Married  
    John Edward Pye Head 56 Married Groom - Gardener
    Elizabeth Pamela Pye Wife 57 Married  
    Ernest John Pye Son 21   Farm Labourer
    John Herbert Pye Son 19   Gardener Domestic
    William Henry Pye Son 17   Gardener Domestic
  High St James  Farquhar Head 68 Married General Medical Practitioner
    Mary Emma Farquhar Wife 55 Married Housewife
    Marie Althea Farquhar Daughter 18   Study at home
    Esmee Vera Farquhar Daughter 12   Study at home
    Esther Elizabeth  Jacquot   45   Governess
    Rose Stella Marguerite Verrine   19   Student - teaching French
    Edith  Price   20   Cook
    Annie  Stevens   17   Housemaid
  High St Mary Nutley Head 50    
    Ellen Nutley Sister 47    
    Vera Oldfield Boarder 22   Asst School Mistress
  High St Charles   Kimber Head 36 Married Ganger MSWJR
    Charlotte Jane Kimber Wife 35 Married  
    Edith Jane Kimber Daughter 12   School
    Margaret Ellen Kimber Daughter 10   School
    Sarah Elizabeth Kimber Daughter 8    
    Charles Willbraham James Kimber Son 3    
    Edward Victor George Kimber Son 1    
58 High St James  Tasker Head 74 Married Blacksmith
    Annie Stevens Tasker Wife 63 Married  
    Fredeerick Tasker Brother 66 Single Blacksmith, Army Pensioner
59 High St James Batholemew Neale Head 52 Married Market Gardener
    Frances Elizabeth Neale Wife 39 Married Assisting in Business
  Hillside View, High St George Edward Brading Head 47   Naval Pensioner, Rural Postman
    Kate Elizabeth Brading Wife 43    
    Millicent Ada Brading Daughter 14   School
  High St Emma Cox Head 65 Widow  
    Elizabeth   Cox Daughter 23 Single  
    Reginald Cox Grand Son 11   School
    George   Cox Grand Son 7   School
    Oliver Cox Grand Son 2    
  The Elms Anne  Chaplin Head 53 Single Domestic Housekeeper
  Homelands Sarah Jane Walker Head 65 Widow Private Means
    Ellen  Guen Servant 21 Single General Servant
1 Ivy Cottages, High St Emma Eagle Head 64 Widow Private Means
2 Ivy Cottages, High St Fred  White Head 24 Married Insurance Agent
    Maud Eliza White Wife 26 Married  
    William Frederick James White Son 3    
    Stanley Thomas White Son 1    
  The Laurels Evan Charles Evans Head 37 Married Private Means
    Fanny Le May  Evans Wife 35 Married  
    Amy Evans Daughter 14 Single School
    Dorothy Evans Daughter 13 Single School
    Thomas Charles Evans Son 12 Single School
    Arthur Evan Evans Son 9 Single School
    Marjorie Evans Daughter 4 Single  
    Vera Evans Daughter 1 Single  
60 High St William Henry Hope Head 47 Married Plate layer GWR
    Annie Elizabeth Hope Wife 41 Married  
    Frederick Thomas Hope Son 12   School
61 High St Charles   Smith Head 69 Married Farm Labourer
    Ruth Smith Wife 68 Married  
    Ann Smith Daughter 24 Married  
    Rueben Smith Son 26 Single General Labourer
    Walter Smith Grand Son 1    
    David Viveash Lodger 60 Single Farm Labourer
62 High St Mary Noyes Head 84 Widow Shop Keeper
    Kitty Skittrall Boarder 17 Single Shop Assistant
64 High St Chas A New Head 35 Married Carpenter & Joiner
&   Elizabeth   New Wife 35 Married  
66   William John New Son 7    
    Florence Winifred New Daughter 6    
    Robert James Burroughs Boarder 31 Single  
65 High St James Hayes Head 62 Married Road Labourer
    Sarah Jane Hayes Wife 58 Married  
    Charles   Hayes Boarder 65 Widower Woodman
67 High St John Belben Head 45 Married Railway Signalman GWR
    Alice Belben Wife 40 Married  
    May Louise Belben Daughter 20 Single Housemaid
    Reginald Belben Son 11   School
    Cyril Belben Son 4   School
68 High St Henry Neale Nutley Head 51 Married Postman
    Barbara Ann Nutley Wife 48 Married  
    Ada Louise Nutley Daughter 18 Single Housemaid
    Harold Henry Nutley Son 14   home
    Wilfred Frank Nutley Son 10   School
69 High St George Cheeseman Head 34 Married Carter (Farm)
    Maud   Cheeseman Wife 33 Married  
70 High St Mr A Spanswick Head 55 Married Gardener Domestic
    Mrs E A Spanswick Wife 55 Married  
    John Spanswick Son 25 Single Labourer (Estate)
    William Spanswick Son 23 Single Grocer's Assistant
    Daniel Spanswick Son 20 Single Grocer's Assistant
    Fred Spanswick Son 18 Single Labourer (Farm)
    Alfred Spanswick Son 15 Single Telegram Messenger
    Florence Spanswick Daughter 13 Single School
71 High St Walter Skittrall Head 49 Married Woodman
    Ellen Skittrall Wife 54 Married  
    Maude Skittrall Daughter 21 Single  
    Lewis Skittrall Son 14 Single  
    Percy Skittrall Grand Son 2    
    Doris Skittrall Grand Daughter 1    
72 High St Mary Hope Head 70 Widow Coal Merchant
    James Hope Son 29 Single Assisting in Business
    Alice Kate Hope Daughter 28 Single  
    James  Spanswick Brother 65 Married General Labourer
73 High St Sarah Spanswick Head 61 Married  
    Walter Kimber Son 25 Single Painter
  Post Office, High St John William Hilliard Head 59 Married Draper, Grocer & Sub Postmaster
    Dinah Hilliard Wife 62 Married  
    Annie Mabel Doreen Hilliard Daughter 25 Single Clerk & Assistant
  White Hart, High St Henry Ernest Willam Burden Head 37 Married Inn Keeper
    Sarah   Burden Wife 39 Married  
    Robert Henry Ernest Burden Son 13 Single School
    Henry Burden Nephew 13 Single School
    Emily Gertrude Rowe Servant 20 Single General Servant
74 High St Sarah Johnson Head 84 Widow Old Age Pensioner
    Anne Maria Johnson Daughter 58 Single  
    Herbert Francis Broome Grand Son 22 Single General Labourer
75 High St William Henry Goddard Head 42 Married Plate layer GWR
    Alice Louise Goddard Wife 39 Married  
    Cassie Louise Goddard Daughter 13    
    Roland Percy Goddard Son 11    
    Mary Ann Bushnell   91 Widow  
    Albert George Bushnell Nephew 22 Single Labourer (Farm)
    Charles Edward Bushnell Nephew 34 Single Labourer (Farm)
76 High St Herbert  Wheeler Head 38 Married Market Gardener
    Emily Wheeler Wife 42 Married  
77 High St William Burroughs Head 44 Married ? Farmer
    Coline Burroughs Wife 41 Married  
    Elizabeth Burroughs Daughter 11   School
    Pillin Burroughs Daughter 8    
    Sarah Jane Burroughs Daughter 6    
78 High St Sarah  Popejoy Head 70 Widow Laundress
    William Henry New Lodger 55 Widower Gardener  
79 High St Charlotte Fribbance Head 49 Widow Charing - washing
    Emily Fribbance Daughter 16 Single Domestic Servant
    Charlotte Louisa Fribbance Daughter 12   School
    Frederick Fribbance Son 15 Single Farm Labourer
    William Fribbance Son 10   School

The New Inn, High St

Henry Charles Norris Head 47 Married Licensed Victualler
    Catherine Norris Wife 47 Married  
    Charles Smallbone Norris Son 20 Single Assisting in Business
    Ruby Catherine Norris Daughter 12   School
    Lily Jarram Servant 22 Single Domestic Servant
    Cicely  Fisher Servant 17   General Servant
    Walter Hawkins Servant 55 Widower Working Maltster?
79a High St Henry Hillier Head 67 Married Farm Labourer
    Elizabeth Hillier Wife 61 Married  
    Louise Hillier Daughter 23 Single  
    Henry Hillier Grand Son 11   School
80 High St Walter Kimber Head 47 Married General Labourer
    Elizabeth Kimber Wife 42 Married  
    Rose Elizabeth Kimber Daughter 12   School
    James Kimber Father 74 Widower Old Age Pensioner
83 High St Thomas H Davis Head 37 Married Bricklayers Labourer
    Christina Davis Wife 35 Married  
    William JW Davis Son 13   School
    Rosemary E  Davis Daughter 11   School
    Annie Mabel Doreen Davis Daughter 5    
    Henry O Davis Son 2    
84 High St John Smith Head 28 Single Carrier
    William Day Boarder 72 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Mary Day Boarder 73 Married Old Age Pensioner
85 High St Stephen Skittrall Head 76 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Sarah  Skittrall Wife 78 Married Old Age Pensioner
    George Skittrall Son 45 Single General Labourer
86 High St Mary Kimber Head 87 Widow Old Age Pensioner
87 High St shadrach Skittrall Head 68 Married Small Holder
    Emma Skittrall Wife 69 Married  
    Alice Skittrall Daughter 33 Single Domestic Servant
    Dorothy Skittrall Grand Daughter 15 Single  
88 High St Ernest Wheeler Head 47 Married Market Gardener
    Jonah Wheeler Wife 47 Married  
    Eveline Wheeler Daughter 9    
    Edward Wheeler Son 7    
89 High St Martha Jane  Bushnell Head 54 Single Private Means
    Arthur Bushnell Son 23 Single  
90 High St John Thomas  Hope Head 34 Married Coal Porter
    Emily Jane Hope Wife 34 Married  
    Thomas Henry Green Nephew 8    
    Alice Mildred Green Visitor 14 Single School
91 High St Frederick Arthur Jessett Head 35 Married Baker Journeyman
    Juliet Jessett Wife 31 Married  
    Alice Maud Jessett Daughter 9   School
    Freda Kathline Jessett Daughter 4    
    Edith Emily Jessett Daughter 3    
    Donald Thomas Jessett Son 1    
92 High St Oliver Grist Head 46 Married Bootmaker
    Florence Grist Wife 44 Married  
    Godfrey Grist Son 8    
    Walter Carter Nephew 1    
93 High St Henry Gale Wheeler Head 74 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Jane Wheeler Wife 72 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Albert   Wheeler Son 37 Single Forest Woodman
94 High St Henry Robert Davis Head 42 Married Postman
    Jane Davis Wife 44 Married  
    Sidney Edward Davis Son 8   School
    Robert Leslie Davis Son 7   School
    Richard Victor Davis Son 1    
95 Seymour Pond William Wheeler Head 70 Widower Market Gardener
    Elsie Wheeler Daughter 25 Single Housekeeper
91 High St Frederick Arthur Jessett Head 35 Married Baker Journeyman
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