Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

Church of England Men's Society

Membership of the Church of England Men's Society (C.E.M.S) as published in the Parish Magazine for June 1914 and updated in 1915.  The society did not meet between 1915 and 1918.  

June 1914 June 1915
Bailey C Bailey C
Baker CA Baker CA
Benstead EB Benstead EB
Brading F  
Briant A Briant A
Brooks W Brooks W
  Brooks W
Broome H Broome H
Bueruer H  
Caswell E  
Chandler P Chandler P
Cox H Cox H
Crosby CJ Crosby CJ
Crosby J Crosby J
Davis J  
Davis RH Davis RH
Davis T Davis T
Dopson PA  
Edwards CJ  
Fisher R Fisher R
Fisher S Fisher S
Flippence J Flippence J
Foster A  
Gale A Gale A
  Gale L
Gale R  
Goodman A  
Goodman H Goodman H
Gore G Gore G
Green R Green R
Green S Green S
Green W Green W
Henbest C  
Henbest F Henbest F
Highett G Highett G
Hillier S Hillier S
Hollis FG  
Hood H  
Hood T  
  Hope J
Kimber C Kimber C
Kimber, Walter Kimber, W
Kimber, Wm  
Kingston W Kingston W
Lloyd CH  
Mainstone JT Mainstone JT
Mathews J Mathews J
Neale J Neale J
New A New A
New CA New CA
Newman G Newman G
Norris C Norris C
Noyes G  
Noyes J  
Odey W Odey W
Pearce E  
Perry A Perry A
Powell H Powell H
Pye A Pye A
  Pye B
Pye D Pye D
Pye H  
Pye J Pye J
Roberts J  
Ruddle O Ruddle O
Sands Canon  
Scammell F  
Scarlett W Scarlett W
Smith G  
Spanswick A Spanswick A
Spanswick F  
Spanswick D  
Spanswick J  
Spanswick R  
Spreadbury SH Spreadbury SH
  Stephens T
Townsend J Townsend J
Vallis A Vallis A
Vallis EG Vallis G
Vallis J Vallis J
  Webb ES
Wheeler H  
Wheeler W  
Wheeler W jnr  
Wilcox H Wilcox H



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