Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

Long Drove Residents - April 1911

Address Name Surname Relationship Age Status Occupation
  Long Drove Sampson Ayres Head 35 Married General Dealer
    Esther Ayres Wife 35 Married  
    Sampson Ayres Son 13 Single  
    Horace Ayres Son 11 Single  
    Mary Ayres Daughter 8 Single School
    Harry Ayres Son 6    
    Leonard  Smith Nephew 5    
  Long Drove Ernest Henry Nutley Head 33 Married Farm Labourer
    Eliza Ann Nutley Wife 31 Married  
  Long Drove James Dowes Head 53 Married Farm Labourer
    Emily Dowes Wife 39 Married  
    David Charles Dowes Son 12    
    Gladys Emily Dowes Daughter 7    
    Thomas James Dowes Son 3    
146 Long Drove Thomas Henry Hillier Head 33 Married Carter on Farm
    Agnes Jane Hillier Wife 31 Married  
    William Arthur Hillier Son 6    
    Albert George Hillier Son 1    
  Long Drove Millicent Maud Moody Wife 25 Married  
    Ernest Authur Moody Head 27 Married Bricklayer
149 Long Drove Frederick Hillier Head 44 Married Platelayer Ganger
    Fanny Hillier Wife 40    
    Walter Hillier Son 18   Farm Labourer
    Alice May Hillier Daughter 14    
    Percy Charles Hillier Son 11   School
    William Frederick Hillier Son 9    
    Edward Elfred Hillier Son 4    
    Winnifred Daisy Hillier Daughter 1    
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