Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

From the Parish Registers 1914 - 1916

Date Event Surname Christian Names Age Additional Detail
02-Jun-14 Marriage Reeve William Harding      
    Gay Mary  Eleanor      
21-Jun-14 Baptism Goddard Eric Bernard      
27-Jun-14 Marriage Scammell Charles        
    Brickell Emily        
06-Aug-14 Burial Skittrall Stephen     79  
26-Aug-14 Marriage Park Walter Vivian      
    Green Louisa        
20-Sep-14 Baptism Grant Ethel Edith      
21-Sep-14 Burial Skittrall Sarah     82  
15-Oct-14 Burial Johnson Sarah     88  
18-Oct-14 Baptism Davis Gustave Norman      
22-Nov-14 Baptism Vivash John William James   Son of William & Ada VIVEASH
30-Nov-14 Burial Fribbence Emma  Jane   62  
20-Dec-14 Baptism Knight Henry John Gordon   Son of Henry Gordon & Alice KNIGHT
24-Dec-14 Burial Smith Ruth     72  
27-Dec-14 Baptism Cox Ethel Kathleen     Daughter of James & Martha COX
27-Dec-14 Baptism Flippence Gwendoline Ellen     Daughter of William Harry & Elizabeth FLIPPENCE
11-Jan-15 Marriage Clark Charles Albert      
    Perry Edith Jane      
27-Jan-15 Marriage Wheeler Albert        
    Hillier Agnes Fanny      
28-Jan-15 Burial Arnold Lucy Ann   46  
  Burial Bushnell Mary  Ann   95  
30-Jan-15 Burial Vallis James     69  
02-Feb-15 Burial Wheeler William     74  
03-Feb-15 Burial Kimber William Henry   55  
10-Feb-15 Marriage Spanswick David john      
    Cox Edith  Annie      
14-Mar-15 Baptism Gale Alfred Percy George   Son of Leslie Albert & Bessie GALE
  Baptism Flippence Alfred William Henry   Son of William George & Winnie FLIPPENCE
21-Mar-15 Baptism Perry Lillian Avis Rebecca   Daughter of Frederick Albert & Edith Mary PERRY
04-Apr-15 Baptism Davis Norah May Christina   Daughter of Thomas Henry & Christina DAVIS
04-Apr-15 Baptism Flippence George William     Son of George & rebecca Sarah FLIPPENCE
12-Apr-15 Burial Wernham George  John   2  
25-Apr-15 Baptism Oatley George  Leslie     Son of Albert George & Caroline Louise OATLEY
16-May-15 Baptism Briant Jean Maskill     Daughter of Allan Edward & Beatrice C.J. BRIANT
06-Jun-15 Burial Powell Henry Joseph   47 A member of C.E.M.S.
30-Jun-15 Burial Fribbanee Harriet     79 Probably typo - FRIBBANCE?
03-Jul-15 Burial Hillier Henry     71  
10-Jul-15 Burial Tasker James Lansly   79  
11-Jul-15 Baptism Chamberlaine Pansy  Murial      
14-Jul-15 Marriage Ogden Charles        
    Goddard Florence Georgina      
19-Jul-15 Burial Holmes George     88  
25-Jul-15 Burial Harris Emma     70  
02-Aug-15 Marriage Goodman Alfred George      
    Head Ellen Maria      
15-Aug-15 Baptism Scammell Kenneth John     Son of Frederick William & Katherine SCAMMELL
15-Aug-15 Baptism Kimber Albert Joscelyn Sidney   Son of Charles & Charlotte Jane KIMBER
18-Aug-15 Marriage Vivian Arthur Eli      
    New Rosa Susan      
21-Aug-15 Burial Hilliard Dinah     67  
19-Sep-15 Baptism Bradley Amy Gladys     Daughter of Ernest Flafence & Harriett E BRADLEY
02-Oct-15 Burial Liddiard John  Thomas   56  
21-Oct-15 Burial Pearce Elizabeth     77  
03-Nov-15 Marriage Matthews George        
    Pye Sarah Annie      
12-Dec-15 Baptism Moody Donald Harvey     Son of Ernest Arthur & Millicent Maude MOODY
06-Jan-16 Burial Goddard William     84  
16-Jan-16 Baptism Williams Ronald  Harvey Charles    
28-Jan-16 Burial Wilson James     40  
30-Jan-16 Baptism Ogden Arthur Ronald George   Son of Charles & Florence Georgina OGDEN
17-Feb-16 Burial Mann James     72  
27-Feb-16 Baptism Wheeler Albert William     Son of Albert & Agnes Fanny WHEELER
16-Mar-16 Burial Brooke Mary     71  
19-Mar-16 Baptism Spreadbury Freda Ellen     Daughter of Henry Stephen & Ellen SPREADBURY
21-Mar-16 Burial Davis Sarah     92  
28-May-16 Baptism Clark Avis Edith     Son of Charles Albert & Edith Jane CLARK
04-Jun-16 Baptism Mountain Ernest William     Son of Walter & Florence MOUNTAIN
06-Jun-16 Burial Cox George Francis   49  
22-Jul-16 Marriage Neale Thomas Ernest      
    Noyes Bessie        
12 Aug 16 Marriage Neville Benjamin Thomas      
    Flippence Mabel Louise      
27 Aug 16 Baptism Gale Christine  Alice     Daughter of Lesley Alfred & Bessie GALE
  Baptism Skinner Reginald George Ronald   Son of William & Triagesima SKINNER
24 Sep 16 Baptism Futcher Ivy  Kathleen     Daughter of Sidney George & Harriet FUTCHER
8 Oct 16 Baptism Spanswick Ivy  Lilian Doreen   Daughter of David John & Edith Annie SPANSWICK
  Baptism Viveash Raymond Verdun     Son of William & Ada VIVEASH
25 Oct 16 Marriage Rawlins Victor Hugh      
  Marriage Gent Ethel Isabel      
29 Oct 16 Baptism Mabutt Ethel  May     Daughter of Frederick William & Caroline Elizabeth MABUTT
2 Nov 16 Marriage Godden Henry Charles      
    Mann Annie  Rose      
26 Feb 17 Baptism Benstead Alma Susie Gwendoline   Daughter of Ernest & Rosina BENSTEAD
4 Mar 17 Baptism Holt Vera  Pearl      
18 Mar 17 Baptism Plaire Stella Renee     Daughter of Leonard Ferdinand & Florence REEVE-PLAIRE
8 Apr 17 Baptism Kelly Sidney Harcourt     Son of Francis John and Helen Mary KELLY
9 Apr 17 Marriage Bowey Frederick        
    Flippence Harriet Annie      
20 Apr 17 Burial Eastman Hannah     68  
29 Apr 17 Baptism Webb Richard Ernest     Son of Ernest Stanley & Alice Louisa WEBB
15 May 17 Burial Knights Hubert       Infant
3 Jun 17 Baptism Chandler Cherrie Joyce     Daughter of Charles Percy & Florence May CHANDLER
1 Jul 17 Baptism Davis Eleanor May     Daughter of Francis Joseph & Emily DAVIS
5 Jul 17 Baptism Perry Albert  James     Son of Frederick Albert & Edith Mary PERRY
15 Jul 17 Baptism Eagle Beatrice  Winnifred Hope   Daughter of Joseph Edward & Dorothy Elizabeth EAGLE
19 Jul 17 Burial Shaw Beatrice Hannah Clark 30  
22 Jul 17 Baptism Grace Victor Kitchener     Son of Walter James & Fanny GRACE
25 Jul 17 Baptism Cox Percy Frederick     Son of Jas & Martha COX
29 Jul 17 Baptism Clark Henry Charles     Son of Charles Albert & Edith Jane CLARK
24 Aug 17 Burial New Alfred     22  
29  Aug 17 Burial Skinner Cecil     hours  
  Burial Skinner Edgar     hours  
1 Sep 17 Burial Day Mary Jane   78  
7 Sep 17 Burial Spooner William Joseph   36  
29 Sep 17 Marriage Salway Stanley William      
    Liddiard Gladys May      
20 Oct 17 Burial Eagle Rachel     82  
22 Oct 17 Burial Fribbance Henry     74  
25 Oct 17 Burial Burroughs Elizabeth     18  
28 Oct 17 Baptism Trayer Kathleen Sheila     Daughter of Benjamin Thomas & Mabel Louise NEVILLE
9 Nov 17 Burial Hayes Charles     72  
11 Nov 17 Baptism Wicks James Albert Adolphus    
24 Nov 17 Marriage Smith John James      
    Day Caroline  Louise      
25 Nov 17 Baptism Cox Hilda  Eileen Etwell    
24 Dec 17 Marriage Stone Thomas Herbert      
    Cruickshank Emily Jane      
27 Jan 18 Baptism West Stella Constance      
7 Feb 18 Burial Pragnell Thomas     62  
9 Feb 18 Burial Stone  Ann     89  
24 Feb 18 Baptism Wilson Joseph       Son of James & ethel Eliza WILSON
  Baptism Briant Daphne  Dorothy     Daughter of Allan Edward & Beatrice BRIANT
25 Feb 18 Burial Popejoy Sarah     75  
9 Mar 18 Burial Davis Anna     82  
10 Mar 18 Baptism Neale Edward Thomas George   Son of thomas Ernest & Bessie NEALE
23 Mar 18 Burial Nutley Charles Albert   55  
  Burial Goddard Thomas     84  
31 Mar 18 Baptism Spanswick Sydney  John     Son of David John & Edith Annie SPANSWICK
5 Apr 18 Burial Jones Helen Grace   13  
27 Apr 18 Marriage Yeats Wilfred Thomas      
    Lawes Alice  May      
20 May 18 Burial Skittrall Martha     86  
  Burial Hilliard Elizabeth Ann   46 Corrected to age 64
22 May 18 Marriage Verney Wilfred  Thomas      
    Skittrall Dorothy Emma      
25 Aug 18 Baptism Denman Charlie William     Son of William & Louie DENMAN
29 Aug 18 Marriage Ettwell William Kimber      
    Cox Hilda Lilian        
7 Sep 18 Burial Flippence Jasper Worthy   56  
15 Sep 18 Baptism Plaire Florence Ruth     Daughter of Leonard Ferdinand & Florence Reeve PLAIRE
29 Sep 18 Baptism Benstead Margaret  Olive     Daughter of Ernest & Rose BENSTEAD
30 Sep 18 Burial Wickes James     54  
27 Oct 18 Baptism Hilda  Winifred       Daughter of Frederick William & Caroline Elizabeth MABBUTT
27 Oct 18 Baptism Mountain Herbert Charles     Son of Walter & Florence MOUNTAIN
19 Nov 18 Burial Wernham Charles Henry   2  
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