Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

Southgrove, Golden Lands, Seymour & Grafton Rd Residents  - April 1911

Address Name Surname Relationship Age Status Occupation
180 Southgrove Cottages Sydney  Johnson Head 34 Married Milker, Farm Labourer
    Blanche Johnson Wife 33 Married  
    Herbert Johnson Son 14   Ploughboy
    Violet Johnson Daughter 12   School
    Rosey Johnson Daughter 7   School
    Edith Johnson Daughter 3    
    George Meltowne Boarder 29 Single Farm Labourer
    Herbert Wilcox Boarder 19 Single Farm Labourer
  Southgrove Farm William Fidler Head 43 Married Milker, Farm Labourer
    Eliza Fidler Wife 45 Married  
    Reginald Fidler Son 13   Ploughboy
    Dorothy Fidler Daughter 11   School
  Southgrove Farm George Gay Head 42   Farm Bailiff
    Mary Gay Wife 39    
    Millie Gay Daughter 16    
    Winnie Gay Daughter 8   School
    Ernest Gay Son 6   School
    Lucy Gay Daughter 2    
  Gamekeepers Cottage James Blake Head 37   Gamekeeper
    Ellen Louisa Blake Wife 25    
  Turnpike Cottage George Appleford Head 25 Married Labourer
    Emily Louise Appleford Wife 20 Married  
    Edward George Appleford Son 9 mo    
177 Golden Lands George William Watts Head 47 Married Farm Labourer
    Emily Louise Watts Wife 40 Married  
    George Loveday Boarder 22 Single Farm Labourer
178 Golden Lands Thomas Fullbrook Head 24 Married Domestic Chauffer
    Lily   Wife 23 Married  
    Beatrice   Daughter 8 mo Single  
  Golden Lands Farm Joshua John May Head 45 Married Farmer
    Caroline Turner May Wife 51 Married  
    Lucy Andrews Servant 35 Single Companion Help
    Florence May Liddiard Servant 16 Single Domestic Servant
  Seymour Henry Thomas Holt Head 40 Married Reporter (Turf)
    Annie Alice Holt Wife 30 Married  
    Winifred Margot Holt Daughter 10   School
    Henry Thomas Holt Son 9   School
    Edmund George Holt Son 5    
    Hubert John Holt Son 2    
    Leonard Cyril Holt Son 3 mo    
  Seymour Stephen Fisher Head 61 Married Farm Labourer
    Julia Fisher Wife 60 Married  
  Pall Mall John Harris Head 76 Married Labourer
    Emily   Harris Wife 65 Married  
    Olive Gladys Harris Grandchild 5    
  Marr Green Joseph Windsor Hope Head 69 Married Market Gardener
    Georgiana Hope Wife 71 Married  
    Isaac Windsor Hope Son 29 Single Assist Father
    Helena Jane Hope Daughter 34 Single  
    Beatrice Kate Pendlebury Granddaughter 16 Single  
    Francis Bradley Pendlebury Grandson 9    
  Seymour Giles Smith Head 56 Single Farm Labourer
    Kate Smith Niece 35 Single Housekeeper
  Seymour J Vallis Head 32 Married Labourer
    Louise Vallis Wife 34 Married  
    William Vallis Son 6    
    Cyril Vallis Son 2    
  Seymour James Ash Head 29 Married Labourer
    Louise Ash Wife 25 Married  
    Violet Muriel Ash Daughter 3    
    Fredrick J Ash Son 1    
100 Seymour Cottage Frank Holloway Head 39 Single Farm Labourer
    Ann  Holloway Mother 75 Married  
101 Seymour Alma Head Head 56 Married Farm Labourer
    Elizabeth Ann Head Wife 51 Married  
    John Head Son 28 Single Farm Labourer
    Arthur W Head Son 22 Single Gardner
    Ellen Marcia Head Daughter 20 Single  
    Emily Jane Head Daughter 15 Single  
    Elsie Unice Head Daughter 13 Single School
    F S H Head Son 7    
102 Seymour Joseph  Davis Head 58 Married General Labourer
    Ellen Davis Wife 59 Married  
    William  Davis Son 32 Single Farm Labourer
    Ernest Davis Son 28 Single Farm Labourer
    Charles Davis Son 20 Single Farm Labourer
    Ellen Davis Daughter 18 Single  
    Redge Davis Son 7   School
103 Grafton Rd Robert Powell Head 39 Married Dairyman & Cowman
    Eliza Powell Wife 35 Married  
    Elsie   Powell Daughter 8   School
    Nellie Powell Daughter 6   School
    Winifred   Powell Daughter 3    
    Robert Powell Son 4 mo    
104 Grafton Rd Albert Miles Head 45 Married Carter
    Sarah Miles Wife 45 Married  
    James Miles Son 18 Single Under Carter
    Fred  Miles Son 14   Ploughboy
    Daisey Miles Daughter 11   School
    Thomas Miles Son 9   School


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