Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

East Sands and Cherry Orchard Residents - April 1911

Address Name Surname Relationship Age Status Occupation
  East Sands Charles Henry Lloyd Head 32 Married Domestic Coachman
    Alice Lloyd Wife 27 Married  
    Violet Ellie Lloyd Daughter 3    
  East Sands Elizabeth Hillier Head 78 Widow Old Age Pensioner
  East Sands George Wheeler Head 38   House Painter
    Ruth Wheeler Wife 35 Married  
    Herbert Wheeler Son 10   School
    Sidney Wheeler Son 8   School
    George Wheeler Son 3    
    Wilfred Wheeler Son 7mo    
  East Sands Oliver Phillips Head 40 Married Railway Ganger
    Mary Phillips Wife 40 Married  
    Albert Phillips Son 16 Single Farm Labourer
    Sidney Phillips Son 12   School
    William Phillips Son 11   School
    Lily Phillips Daughter 7   School
    Ada Phillips Daughter 5   School
    John Phillips Son 1    
  East Sands James Popejoy Head 45 Married Carpenter & Joiner
    Annie Popejoy Wife 43 Married  
    James John Popejoy Son 5   School
  East Sands John Wilmot Head 66 Widower Farm Labourer
    John Wilmot Son 39 Single Carter for Coal Board
  East Sands John Burrows Head 54 Married Boot Maker
      Burrows Wife 54 Married  
    Charles Burrows Son 15 Single Farm Labourer
127 East Sands George Gore Head 61 Married Pensioned Engine Driver
    Kate Gore Wife 34 Married  
    Hilda Lucy Gore Daughter 3    
126 East Sands Mary Ann Newman Head 79 Widow Old Age Pensioner
    Ernest Newman Son 34 Single Farm Labourer
125 East Sands William Henry Flippance Head 42 Married Carter on Farm
    Elizabeth Flippance Wife 35 Married  
    Arthur William Flippance Son 12   School
    Clare Kathleen Flippance Daughter 11   School
    Ada Evelyn Flippance Daughter 9   School
    Alfred Leonard Flippance Son 6   School
    Winifred Irene Flippance Daughter 4    
    Bertha Flippance Daughter 2    
    Beatrice Flippance Daughter 2    
    Henry Edwin Flippance Son 11mo    
124 East Sands Elizabeth Pearce Head 73 Widow  
    John  Vallis Son in Law 35 Married Farm Labourer
    Mary Jane Vallis Daughter 37 Married  
    Florence Mary Vallis Grand Daughter 7    
    Francis John Vallis Grand Daughter 3    
    Edith Rose Annie Vallis Grand Daughter 1    
    Elizabeth May Pearce Grand Daughter 13   School
  East Sands Henry Stephen Spreadbury Head 36 Married Baker & Grocer
    Ellen Spreadbury Wife 34    
    Reginald Henry Spreadbury Son 7    
    Howard William Leslie Spreadbury Son 5    
    Norman Victor Spreadbury Son 1    
    Bessie Louisa White General  Servant 13 Single Servant (Domestic)
111 East Sands William West Head 35   Farm Labourer
    Sarah West Wife 34 Married  
    William Henry West Son   16 Single Ploughboy
    Maud West Daughter 14    
    John  West Son  9   School
    Hubert West Son 5   School
    Beatrice West Daughter 1 mo    
112 East Sands Mary   Platt Head 75 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Frank Platt Son   31 Single Bricklayers Labourer
113 East Sands Henry William Goodman Head 34   Bricklayers Labourer
    Lucy Ann Goodman Wife 35    
    Daisy Emily Goodman Daughter 6    
    Dorothy May Platt Goodman Daughter 11    
    Sydney Hillier Boarder 29   Packer, Midland & S. West Railway
114 East Sands Henry Skittrall Head 77 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Martha Skittrall Wife 78 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Thomas William Gould Boarder 39 Single Musician Traveller
115 East Sands Elijah Lovelock Head 39 Married Packer, Midland & S. West Railway
    Mary Ann Lovelock Wife 28 Married  
    Jane New Aunt 77 Widow Old Age Pensioner
116 East Sands Edith   Coombs Head 35 Widow Housework
    William Coombs Son 12   School
    Frederick Coombs Son 10   School
    Edward Coombs Son 11   School
    Violet Coombs Daughter 8    
    Alfred Coombs Son 6    
    Dorothy   Coombs Daughter 2    
117 East Sands Danial Lawes Head 41 Married Farm Labourer
    Fanny Lawes Wife 40 Married  
    Bessie   Lawes Daughter 10   School
118 East Sands John Charles Davis Head 35 Married Bricklayers Labourer
    Emily Davis Wife 33 Married  
    George Davis Son 10    
    Margaret Davis Daughter 8    
119 East Sands Thomas   Sheppard Head 46 Married Painter
    Louisa Sheppard Wife 46 Married  
120 East Sands George Newman Head 43 Widower Carter
    Sidney Newman Son 14   School
    Edith Newman Daughter 4    
121 East Sands J Matthews Head 67 Widower Farm Labourer
    W Hillier Son in Law 34 Married Railway Packer GW Railway
    M Hillier Daughter 35 Married  
    Stanley C Hillier Son  4   School
122 East Sands Mr J Cox Head 27 Married Packer, Midland & S. West Railway
    Mrs M Cox Wife 24 Married  
    Thomas Cox Son 6    
    Alfred Cox Son 4    
    Lilian Cox Daughter 1    
  East Sands Henry Cox Head 50 Married Bricklayers Labourer
    Ann Cox Wife 60 Married  
    Sarah Davis Mother in Law 87 Widow  
  Red Lion,  Ann Bueruer Head 56 Widow Inn Keeper
    Charles Bueruer Son 24 Single Assistant
    Henry Bueruer Son 22 Single Assistant
    William Berry Visitor 15 Single  
  Cherry Orchard Broom  Vines Head 70 Married Small Holder
    Ellen Vines Wife 68 Married  
    John Vines Son 32 Single Son on Holding
  Cherry Orchard William Popejoy Head 40   Farm Labourer
    Violet Popejoy Wife 44 Married  
  Cherry Orchard John Barnett  Head 66 Married Farm Labourer
    Sarah Barnett  Wife 70 Married  
105 East Sands Charles Cheeseman Head 57 Single Farmer Small Holding
    Elizabeth Cheeseman Sister 54 Single Dairy Work
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