Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

Stibb Green Residents - April 1911

Address Name Surname Relationship Age Status Occupation
  Stibb George Joseph Hope Head 36 Married Farmer Small Holder
    Rose   Hope Wife 37 Married  
    Joseph Windsor Hope Son 3    
  Stibb Green Thomas  Elkins Head 35 Married Labourer in brickyard
    Edith Elkins Wife 25 Married  
    Beatrice   Elkins Daughter 6    
  Stibb George Highett Head 41 Married House Painter
    Elizabeth Pamela Highett Wife 41 Married  
    Kathleen Mary Highett Daughter 13   School
    William George Highett Son 11   School
    Frederick John Highett Son 8    
  Three Horse Shoes George Francis Cox Head 44 Married Inn Keeper & Carpenter
    Sarah Annie Cox Wife 43 Married Assistant in the Business
    Edith Annie Cox Daughter 20 Single Household Duties
    Francis Sydney Cox Son 18 Single Carpenters Apprentice
    Eva Doreen Cox Daughter 15 Single Domestic Servant
    Hilda Lilian Cox Daughter 14 Single Scholar
    Thomas Prangle Lodger 56 Single Labourer
  Stibb Henry Joseph Bailey Head 77 Widower Builder
    Hilda Lucy Bailey Daughter 26 Single  
    Lucy  Norris Servant 45 Single House Keeper
    Florence  Goddard Servant 15 Single Domestic Servant
  Stibb George Henry Hood Head 47 Married Goods Foreman GWR
    Anna maria Hood Wife 46 Married  
    Albert William Hood Son 20 Single Railway Porter GWR
    George Thomas Hood Son 17 Single Railway Parcels Agent
    Elizabeth   Hood Sister 42 Single Dress Maker
13 Station Rd/Stibb Henry  Fribbance Head 68 Married Farm Labourer - Unable to work
    Emma Jane  Fribbance Wife 57 Married  
    Arthur John Lewes Boarder 27 Single Wheelright
14 Stibb Frederick Wilcox Head 27 Married Cowman on Farm
    Edith Wilcox Wife 22 Married  
    Grace Wilcox Daughter 1    
    Hilda Deadman Visitor 14    
15 Stibb Rachel Eagle Head 75 Single Old Age Pension
16 Stibb Green Frederick George  Manning Head 25 Married Railway Porter
    Alice Ann Manning Wife 27 Married  
    Helena may Manning Daughter 4 Single  
    Winnifred Annie Manning Daughter 2    
17 Stibb Oliver  Rawlings Head 43 Married General Labourer
    Elizabeth Rawlings Wife 44 Married  
18 Stibb John Banning Head 60 Married Blacksmith
    Eliza Banning Wife 52 Married  
    Conrad Banning Son 14    
    Henry Alfred Banning Son 12   School
19 Stibb William Henry Wheeler Head 43 Married Carpenter
    Alice Wheeler Wife 48 Married  
20 Stibb Oliver Ruddle Head 50 Married Farmer - Small Holding
    Fanny Ruddle Wife 70 Married  
21 Stibb George Neate Head 46 Married Carter on Estate
    Eliza Neate Mother 80 Widower  
    Eliza Neate Wife 39 Married  
22 Stibb Charles Townsend Head 82 Married Old Age pension - Retired Sawyer
    Kezia Townsend Wife 86 Married Old Age pension
24 Stibb William J Noyes Head 28 Married Labourer
    Mary J Noyes Wife 26 Married  
    Charles W Noyes Brother 24 Single Grocers Shopman
25 Stibb William Waters Head 33 Married Railway Signalman
    Emily Waters Wife 33 Married  
    Ethel Waters Daughter 10 Single  
    Dora Waters Daughter 4 Single  
    Henry Edwin Waters Son 1 Single  
26 Stibb George  Skittral Head 37 Single Carter on Estate
27 Stibb James Odey Head 50 Married Farm Labourer
    Fanny Odey Wife 46 Married  
    Walter Jame Odey Son 18 Single Farm Labourer
    Hilda Mary Jane Odey Daughter 14   Domestic Servant
28 Stibb James Hillier Head 74 Married Pensioner
    Elizabeth Hillier Wife 66 Married  
    William Henry Hillier Son 27 Single Gentleman's Gardener
29 Stibb Green George Joseph Smith Head 45   Railway Packer GWR
    Emily Smith Wife 38    
30 Stibb Green Henry Witts Head 37 Married Railway Packer GWR
    Annie  Witts Wife 34 Married  
    Edward William Witts Son 5   School
    John Hart Father 72 Widower Pensioner
31 Stibb Green John Thomas Mist Head 44 Married Packer Railway
    Mary Ann Mist Wife 40 Married  
    Albert Edward Mist Son 18   Farm Labourer
    Lily Emiline Mist Daughter 13   School
    James Thomas James Son 7   School
    Herbert Allen  James Nephew 1    
32 Stibb Green George   New Head 34 Married Railway Signaller GWR
    Mary New Wife 38 Married  
    Kathleen Emily New Daughter 6   School
33 Stibb Green George Spanswick Head 44 Married Ganger Railway GWR
    Alerta Spanswick Wife 46 Married  
    Edward Spanswick Son 19   Farm Labourer
    Fredrick Spanswick Son 13   School
    Jane Thornton Relative 52 Widower Visitor
    Thomas  Neale Nephew 24   Railway Porter GWR
34 Stibb Green Albert John Matthews Head 30   Railway Packer
    Ellen Violet Hillier Sister 32 Married  
    Arthur Reginald Matthews Brother 17   Farm Labourer
    Freerick James Hillier Brother-in-law 38 Married Railway Packer
    Dorothy Violet Hillier Niece 9    
35 Stibb George Stephen Noyes Head 61 Widower Labourer
    George Sydney Noyes Son 33 Single Mole Catcher
    Amelia Jane Noyes Daughter 26 Single  
    Albert Edward Noyes Son 22 Single Hagtier
    Bissie Noyes Daughter 20 Single Domestic Service
    Fred Noyes Son 18 Single Postman Auxillary
36 Stibb Caroline New Head 63 Widower  
    Hester Lizzie New Daughter 31 Single Domestic Service
    Sidney Harry New Son 27 Single Railway Porter GWR
    Albert Ernest New Son 23 Single Railway Porter GWR
37 Stibb Ann Stone Head 81 Widower  
    Albert Stone Grandson 17 Single Bricklayer
38 Stibb Frederick Hailestone Head 29 Married Signal Dept GWR
    Maria Hailestone Wife 28 Married  
    Gwendoline Hailestone Daughter 5    
    Charles Hailestone Son 1    
39 Stibb George Wort Head 67 Married Cowman
    Elizabeth Wort Wife 63 Married  
    Louise Wort Daughter 30 Single  
    Herbert Wort Son 29 Single Carter
    Frank Wort Foster Son 18 Single Farm Labourer
    Winifred Ethel Wort Grand  Dau 3    
40 Stibb  Jasper Flippence Head 49 Married Farm Labourer
    Louisa Flippence Wife 42 Married  
    Frederick Flippence Son 12 Single School
41 Stibb Green George Matthews Head 39 Married General Labourer
    Britannia Matthews Wife 42 Married  
    Leonard Matthews Son 10 Single  
    Mary Ann Castleman Boarder 80 Widower  
42 Stibb Green Mary Jane Briant   55 Widower Farmer Small Holding
    Allan Edward Briant Son 25 Single Working on Farm
    Herbert Henry Briant Son 14 Single Working on Farm
    Charles Bowley Boarder 62 Widower Signal Fitter
    Ernest Fred Badnell Boarder 22 Single Railway Porter
43 Stibb Frederick Thomas Smith Head 46 Married China Dealer
    Annia Maria Smith Wife 47 Married  
    Frederick Thomas Smith Son 16   Assists his father
    Emily Florence Smith Daughter 12   School
    Dorothy Rose Smith   10   School
    Hector Benn Boarder 28 Single Minister
44 Stibb Frederick  Cox Head 66 Married Market Gardener
    Ellen Cox Wife 63 Married  
45 Stibb Harry Joseph  Powell Head 42 Married Bricklayer
    Louise Powell Wife 39 Wife  
    Thomas Goddard Father 77 Widower Pensioner
    Thomas Clarence Powell Son 7    
    Frederick John Powell Son 2    
46 Stibb William Spanswick Head 41 Married Railway Packer
    Louisa Spanswick Wife 41 Married  
    William Spanswick Son 17 Single Under carter
    Sidney Harry Spanswick Son 15 Single Stable Boy
    Annie Spanswick Daughter 13   School
    Elsie Spanswick Daughter 4    
    Jane Spanswick Mother 75 Widower  
47 Stibb William Alfred Gale Head 49 Married Railway Signalman MS SW Ry
    Mary Jane Gale Wife 54 Married  
    Percy John Gale Son 24 Single Railway Clerk MS SWRy
48 Stibb Henry James Head 57 Single Labourer on Estate
    Sarah James Sister 66 Single  
49 Stibb John Spanswick Head 72 Widower General Labourer before Pensioner
50 Stibb William Nutley Head 43 Married Carter
    Anne Sophia Nutley Wife 39 Married  
    Edith May Wilcox Sister-in-law 22 Single Domestic Cook
    William Frederick Wilcox Nephew 2    
51 Stibb William Liddiard Head 46 Married Farm Labourer
    Mary Jane Liddiard Wife 44 Married  
    Sarah Ann Liddiard Daughter 12    
    Rebecca Hathrell Wife's Mother 80 Widower  
    Albert Hathrell Son 22 Single Insurance Agent
52 Stibb John Thomas Mainstone Head 41 Married Baker & Grocer
    Kate Elizabeth Mainstone Wife 40 Married  
    Reginald John Mainstone Son 11    
    Edward Cecil Belbin Servant 13   Errand Boy
  Old Turnpike Cottage George  Roffe Head 48 Married Labourer
    Kate Roffe Wife 48 Married  
  Savernake Cottage Ernest F Bradley Head 30 Married Groom/Domestic
    Harriet E Bradley Wife 30 Married  
    Albert S Bradley Son 2    
    Ethel K G  Bradley Daughter 7 mo    
  The Hollow Charles  Hawkins Head 42 Married Carter on Farm
    Sarah Hawkins Wife 32 Married  
    Charles Hawkins Son 25 Single Carpenters Labourer
    Rose Hawkins Daughter 5    
    Tom  Gillett Boarder 29 Single Farm Labourer
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