Burbage During the Great War
Burbage During the Great War

Fir Green and Eastcourt - April 1911

Address Name Surname Relationship Age Status Occupation
  Fir Green Daniel Newman Head 55 Married Farm Labourer
    Hannah Newman Wife 63 Married  
  Fir Green Thomas New  Head 44 Single Farm Labourer
  Fir Green Jane Lee Head 77 Widow Old Age Pensioner
    William Lee Son 50 Single Farm Labourer
    John Lee Son 35 Single Farm Labourer
  Fir Green James Wilmot Head 34 Married Platelayet GWR
    Alice Wilmot Wife 33 Married  
    Lizzie Annie Louisa Wilmot Daughter 7    
    Sidney James Wilmot Son 6    
    Matilda Emilyln Wilmot Daughter 5    
  Fir Green William Gibbons Head 32 Married Bread Baker Journeyman
    Ellen Jane Gibbons Wife 27 Married  
    Gladys Ellen Gibbons Daughter 5    
    Leonard Frank Gibbons Son 2    
  East Court Edward Francis Johnson Head 49 Married Baker & Grocer
    Martha Ann Johnson Wife 55 Married Assisting in Business
    Dora Winifred Johnson Daughter 23 Single Assisting in Business
    Victor Francis Johnson Son 22 Single Assisting in Business
128 East Court John James Spackman Head 69 Married Boot Repairer
    Sarah Jane Spackman Wife 73 Married  
129 East Court Albert Edward Pye Head 23 Married Groom, Gardener
    Annie Pye Wife 24 Married  
    Percy John Pye Son 1    
130 East Court Willian John Chandler Head 54 Married Farmer Small Holder
    Elizabeth Chandler Wife 52 Married  
    William Herbert Chandler Son 24 Single Carpenter
    Charles Percy Chandler Son 22 Single Farmers Son
    Roland Chandler Son 19 Single Brewers Clerk
    Margarett Chandler Daughter 17 Single Dairy Work
131 East Court John Williams Head 48 Married Railway Labourer GWR
    Mary Jane Williams Wife 46 Married  
    Sarah Annie Williams Daughter 9   School
132 East Court Rhoda Eliza Dowse Head 53 Single Private Means
133 East Court Charles   Broadway Head 57 Married Farm Labourer
    Tryphena Broadway Wife 56 Married  
    Ethel Broadway Daughter 14   School
134 East Court Henry Scarlett Head 68 Married Carter Agricultural Farm
    Elizabeth Scarlett Wife 75 Married Old Age Pensioner
    Henry Scarlett Son 36 Single Farm Labourer
    Wiliam Scarlett Son 34 Single Packer on Railway GWR
    Frances Pye Grand Daughter 31 Single  
135 East Court Julia New Head 70 Widow Old Age Pensioner
136 East Court Oliver Neale Nutley Head 41 Married Farmer Small Holder
    Mary Caroline Nutley Wife 40 Married  
    Stanley Thomas Neale Nutley Son 4    
137 East Court John Burroughs Head 74 Widower Old Age Pensioner
    William Burroughs Son 30 Single Railway Platelayer GWR
    George Skittrall Son in Law 42   Railway Platelayer GWR
    Jane Skittrall Daughter 41 Married  
    Alice Skittrall Grand Daughter 12   School
    Doris Skittrall Grand Daughter 3    
138 East Court John Richard Hillier Head 28 Married Farm Labourer
    Sarah Ann  Hillier Wife 30 Married  
139 East Court William Alford Head 59 Married Market Gardener
    Emily Mary Alford Wife 60 Married  
140 East Court Ernest Hailstone Head 36 Married Railway Platelayer GWR
    Louisa Hailstone Wife 36 Married  
    Rose Hailstone Daughter 10    
    Maud Hailstone Daughter 8    
    Annia Hailstone Daughter 1    
  All Saints Vicarage Richard De Crespigney Thelwall Head 39 Married Clerk in Holy orders
    Anne Hamilton Thelwall Wife 29 Married  
    Margaret De Crespigney Thelwall Daughter 7    
    George De Crespigney Thelwall Son 6    
    Robert Champion De C Thelwall Son 4    
    Gwynidd Mary De C Thelwall Daughter 2    
    Cerise De Crespigney Thelwall Daughter 1    
    Nora Kathleen Augusta  Williamson Governess 23   Governess
    Frances Sarah  Baines Servant 18   Parlour Maid
    Dorothy Elizabeth  Highett Servant 15   Nurse
  East Court Henry Wheeler Head 53 Married Painter
    Mary Ann Wheeler Wife 48 Married  
    Lucy May Wheeler Daughter 12   School
  East Court Agnes Hibberd Head 45 Single Schoolmistress Head
    Jane Hughes Boarder 46 Single Schoolmistress Assistant
  East Court Albert Goulding Moody Head 59 Married General Dealer
    Martha   Moody Wife 64 Married Licensed Hawker
    Albert Edward Moody Son 17 Single Assisting in Business
    Hannah Moody Daughter 34    
  East Court Ernest Benstead Head 39   House Painter
    Rose Benstead Wife 27 Married  
    Selina Benstead Daughter 7   School
  East Court Richard   Ratcliffe Head 45 Married Head Groom Racing Stables
    Ada Eliza Ratcliffe Wife 40 Married  
    Ronald Ratcliffe Son 7    
    Agnes Mary Sewell Ratcliffe Daughter 1    
    Louise Harriet  Cook Visitor 30 Married  
  East Court William Henry Burrough  Head 45 Married Carpenter
    Gertrude Eleanor Maud Burrough  Wife 37 Married  
    Arthur Edgar Burrough  Son 15 Single  
    Olive Ella Burrough  Daughter 5    
    William Henry Burrough  Son 26 Single Insurance Agent
    John Keith Atlay Boarder 20 Single School Teacher
  East Court John Townsend Head 53 Married Plasterer
    Eliza Blake Townsend Wife 52 Married  
    Rosamund Townsend Daughter 17 Single  
    Percival Dopson Boarder 21 Single Insurance Agent
  East Court Henry Charles Bailey Head 48 Married Painter & Paperhanger
    Louisa Bailey Wife 44 Married  
    Marjorie Alberta Bailey Daughter 19    
    Henry Charles Bailey Son 18   Carpenter's Apprentice
    Dorothy Constance Bailey Daughter 17    
    Eva Mildred Bailey Daughter 14   School
    Hilda Grace Bailey Daughter 12   School
    Everett John Bailey Daughter 11   School
    Very Amy Faith Bailey Daughter 9   School
  East Court David Walter Pye Head 26 Married House Painter
    Alice Lavinia Pye Wife 25 Married  
    Reginald Cyril Pye Son 10 mo    
142 East Court William Shewring Head 31 Married Farm Labourer
    Lucy Shewring Wife 29    
    William Shewring Son 7   School
    Clara Shewring Daughter 6   School
    Ada Shewring Daughter 4   School
    Edith Shewring Daughter 1    
143 East Court Frederick Stevens Head 31 Married Farm Labourer
    Ellen Stevens Wife 47 Married  
    Joseph Ponting Step Son 21 Single Carter on Farm
    Fred Ponting Step Son 16 Single Ploughboy
    Frank Ponting Step Son 14 Single Ploughboy
    Fred George Stevens Son 6   School
    May Stevens Daughter 9   School
    John Stevens Son 5   School
    Alfred Powney Lodger 68 Single Farm Labourer
144 East Court Hannah Davis Head 75 Widow Old Age Pensioner
    David   Davis Son 34 Single Butcher Pig Killer
145 East Court Edward James  Mann Head 45 Married Bootmaker
    Louisa Martha Mann Wife 47 Married  
  East Court Ernest Harry Caplen Head 32 Married Groom  
    Florence Mabel Caplen Wife 30 Married  
    Harry Caplen Son 19 mo Married  
  East Court Henry Donoghue Head 32 Married Stableman in Riding Stables
    Emily   Donoghue Wife 30 Married  
    Ingrid Donoghue Daughter 4    
    Ivy Donoghue Daughter 3    
    John Donoghue Son 1    
    Henry Donoghue Son 4 mo    
  East Court William  Viviash Head 44 Married Farm Labourer
    Ada   Viviash Wife 20 Married  
  East Court James Crosby Head 59   General Labourer
    Jane Crosby Wife 57    
    Charlie Crosby Son 15   Newsboy
    Violet Crosby Grand Daughter 9   School
    Jimmie Crosby Grand Son 6   School
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